I’ve created this site for those of you who want a bit of inspiration in your lives. My name is Mihaela, I am originally from Romania and I have been living in Canada for many years now.

I had my head under the water for so much time now, that I forgot how it felt to be happy and driven for something, and be excited to wake up and start a new day. I had what seemed like a good life, a paying job, a husband but that was not satisfying what I really needed.

That changed one day, when a work colleague told me that she appreciated how I was always a connector. If I knew someone has a passion, I connected them with people sharing that same passion, or who might help that person fulfilling their dream. As it happened, another work colleague told me  the same day that my advice (at that point I did not think I had much to give), my advice resonated so much with her that she will try to change a bad habit for a good one and that she wanted me to keep her honest with that, if it was ok with me.
And that changed everything for me. I started observing what I could actually do to help more people around me, I continued my study in socio-pshychology, I surrounded myself with great mentors and coaches and I started giving back the knowledge I received.

I started meeting with women of different ages and talk about their dreams, how they wanted a better life and how me being there, listening, asking powerful questions and driving their actions forward helped achieve their goal. And that felt good 🙂 That felt like something I was supposed to do every day. That felt like I can actually see the sun from above the water.


And I want to help you as well, as you are finding your path and getting your head above the water. I will not judge, I promise and together we will find where YOU were hiding all along.

Please contact me, from wherever you are and let’s chat. I’d love to get to know you better.

And if you know someone that would need some help, please facilitate the introductions or send them to my website.

Oh, I almost forgot! My gift to you for your interest in self-development:

You can win a FREE COACHING SESSION by simply sharing this article with your network (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and confirming that in a comment below, along with any other thoughts you have. I will have a monthly draw, mention the winner in the comments and contact you to schedule a session where I will help you meet your financial, personal or professional goal. 

Check my other articles here to learn more about personal and professional development.

And start TODAY to work on your tomorrow!


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