Change your emotional state …doing this!

We all have good days and bad days. But isn’t it incredible that when we feel great, we want to wear that red dress or great business suite which will give us even more confidence? And, on the flip side, when we feel down – we want to crawl back to bed, or if we have to go out, we wear those worn jeans and that old baggy sweater? There is a huge correlation between our feelings and our choice of outfit.
So if that is the case, why not be in control of our outfit and our emotions? Here’s how:

  1. Have a secret weapon – Whenever you feel down, put a nice lipstick on, a cute pair of undies (you’re power little secret) or that great t-shirt your friend gave you, or why not – a nice pair of socks. You like wearing hills? That’s the day to wear them, when you feel a bit down, a bit lazy or a bit tired. You don’t have to dress up, but find your one item that will give you power, go for it.  Now the catch is to identify that one item prior to feeling down, because during that time of laziness, low energy etc. I guarantee you won’t find anything to give you that power booster. Wear that the entire day and be aware of it. Think about what worked for you at the end of the day and keep that secret for your good days, but most importantly for your dark days.        store-1338629
  2. Go shopping in your closet –  shopping can be expensive and we don’t want to spend too much money. But for
    us who can’t afford to buy a new item every time we feel down, we can go to our closet and find something that we have not put on in a while. It can be a nice piece of jewelry or a scarf that you have not used in a while. Do you have a blouse or sweater that was a gift and you thought might not represent you and hence you never tried it on? Try it on now.
  3. No power item? Put 2 dollars aside for the power bank every week, and buy yourself something to use in the future. Alright, piggy-bank-1595992create a scale from 1 to 5 to define your day’s mood. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst? That scale should represent how you define your days and it can look like: good, somehow good, ordinary, not too good, pretty bad, really bad day with
    some definition next to it. It’s your scale and your definition. Have a plan for each of those stages and save $2 a week for whenever it gets super bad. When your day is a really bad day use the money you saved to buy yourself a powerful item.

I would love to hear how these items worked for you. And please send me how your outfit influenced your day?

Have other questions you want addressed or other tips you want to share with everyone? Send your comments or thoughts to me and I’ll make sure to answer them. This blog came from a place of love and let’s start sharing more of that.

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