The Journey of I and the influence of other people

We are the sum of the people around us. We are who we surround ourselves with.
These are sayings that sound powerful, and they are, but that we usually only reflect on for half a second, and then we go back to our day.

What is it though that this means for us?

Some people enter our lives to bring a message, shape our lives and once that is completed, they exist our journey. Others are our constant companions, there for the long road.

We can transform this though, into something powerful that we can control. Here’s how:

1. Take some time, create a list of people you remember being closer to in the past. Think about who they are and what they do. Think about how they influenced you, for the better or not.

2. Now think about the people that are currently in your life. Some of them you might have already included in point 1 and you are likely to see a pattern of those you have around you know. How are they shaping your life? Realizing the pattern might help you attract more of the type of people, or stay away for them.

3. I invite you to think about the people you need in your life. How can you find them, knowing that they will change the way you see life. Realizing what you need, will make you attract those who your influence might seek, your brain will be wired for that.

4. Switch now, by thinking of the people you think you have influenced. Be honest with yourself and analyze if you had a positive influence or not on them. When you told them it was ok to go in a certain direction and they did, what did that mean to their lives?

See how much power we have over the people around us, wether we realize it or not? That should make us aware each day of the things we say, we do and their potential effect on those near us. What power do we held? What power do others hold against us?

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