Do this right after you made a decision – a must!!

Making a decision can be really difficult. Understanding what needs you are trying to satisfy ( see my post on how we react and make decisions every day based on needs we might not even realize we have.) and how to make the decision ( see checklist to help you make better decision) can be daunting. But somehow, you 1. made a Decision and the weight was lifted from your chest. The key is that once you made a decision to be confident 2. act on it. Don’t sit on it for too long as other biases will come into play. You analyzed it well enough, now is the time to ACT.

Also, a very important and often missed point is that 3. we should Reflect and Evaluate the decision and how it impacted our lives. We should learn from that decision, so that we can make make better decisions in the future.  So the final tasks once we made a decision is to make a note in our calendar for future reflection on that decision to see where it led us. Do that next time you have a big decision to make in front of you.

NOTE: Don’t be afraid to DARE (Decide Act Reflect Evaluate) as “We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.” – May Sarton
dare-1945682If you made a conscientious decision and you acted on it, never judge yourself about it. At that time you kew the consequences and you were willing to take the risk. And if those risks materialized, you have to accept it, learn from it and try to change your current situation to the best of your ability. And if the decision led you to a happy space, learn from it as well to continue making good decisions.

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