Start making better decisions – here’s how!

Hello friend!

This is a follow-up about how we react and make decisions every day based on needs we might not even realize we have.

Spending the time to read my article is a decision on how to spend your time. And I think it is a good decision, but I admit I am biased 🙂 We make decisions when we wake up and decide what to wear, when we buy a house or start a new relationship. Some are easier to make than others. And yet, most of the time we have no strategy for making decisions. Unless there is something critical or “life changing” , we act instinctively. But what if I told you that there is a better way to train your way to make decisions based on how you are? banner-1183407

Here’s a couple of tips below: 

1. Write it down. Describe what is making you want to make that decision.  Put it on a piece of paper.

2. First instinct. Listen to it and analyze it. What need (see list of needs here) does it want to satisfy.

3. Consider the impact: Think about how this decision will the decision impact your family, environment, society, friends, workplace, finances etc. one’s goals. Don’t overthink it though and don’t over analyze it. Your first thought should be sufficient.

4. What are some alternatives? What other options do you have? What happens if you don’t do anything? That is still a decision, which will impact your outcome.

5. Imagine the future. Imagine yourself having chosen one option, what does that mean to you? Don’t over reflect and set yourself time to complete this step. Otherwise you will find yourself spending too much time reflecting on each and any option and likely be lost even more then when you started. Time yourself, that is key for this step.

6. Know your values and principles. If you decision goes against those, that’s probably not the right decision to make

7. Ask for help. This is a big one. If you are really stuck, ask for advice from someone you trust. Chances are, your cognitive bias is preventing you from seeing things clearly. And validate what those who you reach out to are suggesting by using step 2 and 5

8. Get a coach. A coach would simply help you identify what you actually want to do, hence considering your values, principles and everything else that is happening in your life now and this will make it even more valid and real for you. Instead of following an advice, you would identify something inside of you that directs you in a certain way (I’m a coach, hence I am a biased 🙂 )

I hope this help you in your decision and please check this article about what you should absolutely do after you have acted on your decision.

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Oh, I almost forgot! My gift to you for your interest in self-development:

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And start TODAY to work on your tomorrow!



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