avatarHi friend!

I’m Mihaela and I hope to have the honour to become your Strategy and Success Business Coach!

I live in Canada, I have a “day job” that makes me happy, leading a team of marketers for a big tech company. My passion is business coaching and empowering women like you to stand for what they want and take life in their hands to gain financial, personal and professional stability.

Easier said than done huh?

Well, I learned that soon enough, as I started my journey about 15 years ago as a young professional in the tech field. I was always struggling with gaining financial freedom, struggling with having my voice heard at my work place. I have learned a lot through that journey and I would love to share that with you. I have also learned that how we treat ourselves matters and it has an impact on our thoughts, emotions and hence behaviour.

My aha moment was when I realized that a lot of advice I received just did not work for me, and that I had all the answers, as I knew what worked best for me. I only needed the right questions, have someone to hold me accountable for my actions and cheer me up to success. And that, my friend is a coach.

I am so proud to say that as a business coach, I have helped many women entrepreneurs take control of their finance by addressing marketing, finance, time management, sales and their mindset. And I would like to do that for you!

“ While you have experience on one business, YOURS, I have worked with many businesses in different fields, so I can see what you don’t even know is possible for your business and focus on one thing alone: YOUR SUCCESS.”