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My Services: 

Silver Package 

  • Each coaching session will to clearly identify and solve your current situation in order to get you on a secure path to meeting your goals for your business or in your life as a woman entrepreneur.

Gold Package  

  • Silver Package
  • Minutes from the sessions with notes to help self-reflect and apply strategies discussed during the session
  • Coaching materials for self – development
  • You will have a list of items that you will work on, between coaching sessions

VIP package 

  • Gold Package
  • Access to a community of entrepreneurs for support and guidance
  • Business start kit: Have access to the 365 tips for 365 days challenge to boost your business
  • Access to interviews with other women entrepreneurs (2videos a month)

Ultimate package 

  • VIP Package
  • Real time access to your coach
  • 1 group coaching session in your organization
  • Access to my database for one email promotion to boost your business



  • One of the things that make what I do distinct is that I am working on the person that leads the business and not only on the business. First reason a business fails is because of the entrepreneur.
  • Another item that makes us distinct is that we can apply all different vehicles to your learning. There are a lot of consultants there, helping 30% increase in learning, coaches who are bringing another 30% however none provide both coaching and consulting to your success. We do both.


If you are not sure if business coaching is for you, give it a try. I am here for you and my first strategy session with you is at no cost. Why? Because I know you’ll see the value I can help to the growth of your business.